Hackathon – Day 0

  I wanted to have this post dedicated to give some insights into how I keep myself learning during the sprints, but then the Hackathon came a long and I decided that would be a much more interesting post. Since last year, the company I work for has an annual Hackathon for the entire IT department. The requirements to join are simple: An idea and a team of at least… Read Article →

First Commit!

Let me preface this first post with a small introduction; I’m Thomas, a 24 y/o software developer at a Dutch e-retailer. I started working here two years ago at their IT service desk with no experience or papers whatsoever, and this January I started working on rebuilding our monolithic in-house application into smaller, role-based applications with microservices. With no formal education, or real training, besides the help of Pluralsight and… Read Article →